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michele: on capitol hill riveting testimony about the attacks in benghazi. the diplomatic quandary in syria deepens. a bumpy road ahead for immigration reform. and the changing complexion of the american electorate. i'm michele norris. sitting in for gwen ifill tonight. on "lead off." >> at about 3:00 a.m. i received a call from the prime minister of libya. it was the saddest phone call i've ever had in my life. he told me that ambassador stevens had passed away. michele: emotional testimony about the attacks in libya that killed four americans. fact finding, finger pointing or both? >> the administration, however, has not been cooperative. >> what we've seen over the past two weeks is a full-scale media campaign of unfounded accusations to smear public officials. >> getting to the bottom of the benghazi attacks. >> we all know that the current path in syria is simply unsustainable. michele: shuttle diplomacy for the secretary of state on the continuing crisis in syria. and how israel has become a central figure. on capitol hill, the senate tackles immigration reform. >> there are
a ride to his house to meet the daughter. and also with michelle knight. he chained them up, event level let them roam in the home free of the chains. also michelle state at least five times we was pregnant with ariel castro's baby. and manda berry said she had the baby in the house. they but the baby plastic pool under her while she was delivering and michelle knight was forced to deliver the baby. and michelle states that ariel told her if the baby died he would kill her. we're also learning more details about the state of mind of these women after years in captivity. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cnn that amanda berry had hit her breaking point. that she was desperate to get out of the house on seymour street. but why was she able to escape now after more than ten years in captivity? >> something must have clicked and she saw an opportunity. and she took that opportunity. i said it the other day and i'll say it today that she is the true hero- >> reporter: that same source says that the other two women gina and michelle could also have run but chose not to, even though t
crimes. he's looking to seek the death penalty for the alleged termination of michelle's knight's five pregnancies, pregnancies he lost saf he was starved and beaten by castro. michelle has been just released from the hospital but unlike the other two women, well she is not with her family. police are keeping her location under wraps but says she's in a safe place. susan cant yotty joins us live from cleveland. her father reached out, they want to see her. what do you know about the relationship between michelle and her family? it seems to be a tense one. >> well, certainly she has not talked with her mother apparently in years, even before, of course, her captivity, and also has not been in contact as of late with her other relatives aez well. we don't know precisely what is involved in that family dynamic but certainly the family has been public about talking about troubles they have had among themselves over the years. for now, as far as we know, michelle knight has had no personal contact with her family at least since she' been out of the hospital. and the source telling us that's
berry. one minute later they announced they had also recovered safely michele knight. all three of the missing women and a 6-year-old child, belonging to one of the missing women was conveyed to metro health medical center where they were being treated for their -- provided care. immediately after learning of the incident, we began an immediate search of our databases to determine what information that we had regarding this specific address. we have no -- as the mayor articulated, we went back and looked at all of the emergency medical calls for service and our fire responses to that address on seymore avenue since 2006, as far back as our database exists, and we found there were no calls for service. we again checked our building and housing department to see whether or not there were any building code violations or complaints made against that address, and there were no complaints or violations identified. we also went back and looked at police calls for service. we did learn that in march of 2000, ariel castro reported to police that there was a fight in the street. there is
with murder related to claims he starved and punched michelle knight to induce at least five miscarriages. this morning while relatives of berry and gina dejesus continue to celebrate their safe returns, knight's family doesn't know where she is. the 32-year-old woman has been released efrom the hospital, bu a family spokesman says police won't tell them where she went. let's go to cnn's victor blackwell for a look at other stories making news. >>> new jersey police have been negotiating with a gunman who has taken three children hostage. now, this standoff has been going on for more than 13 hours. he barricaded himself in his home in trenton, and so far he is still communicating with police, but authorities say this started on friday. they're not sure why. and they also are not sure of the relationship the children have with this man holding them. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more on this. >>> police in mexico city are investigating the possible murder of malcolm x's grandson. they think that malcolm shabazz was badly beaten in a bar. he was in a hotel meeting with a recently
face murder charges related to claims he starved and punched michelle knight to induce at least five miscarriages. and this morning, while relatives of berry and gina dejesus continue to celebrate their safe return, knight's family doesn't know where she is. the 32-year-old woman has been released from the hospital, but a family spokesman says police won't tell them where she went. let's bring in cnn's pam brown. what happened here? do we know where she is? do we know why perhaps she may not or authorities may not want her in touch with her family? >> we don't know where she is right now, brianna. i spoke to the stepbrother of michelle knight, and he says that police knows where she is, and he said, we want police to tell us where she is. we don't know. we've been looking for her. he said michelle knight's mom barbara has been trying to make contact with her and hasn't spoken to her. she went to the hospital to see her. she's been trying to reach her after she's released and still no luck on that front. the stepbrother says the mom loves her, misses her, wants to see her, and hopes t
you're up with us. all of the cleveland victims are out of the hospitals but michelle knight's family has yet to see her. >>> new information on what ariel castro's dna revealed. jessica muhlenberg joins me live to shed light on what life looks like. an ammonia leak at the international space station is prompting an emergency space walk. we are minutes away from a live look at that mission. the cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for almost a decade is locked in a 9 x 9 foot cell. officials say tests of ariel castro's dna confirm he is the father of that 6-year-old girl born to kidnapping survivor amanda berry. police boarded up castro's home to preserve the crime scene and the prosecutor handling the case plans to charge castro for "each and every act of sexual violence he carried out." castro could face charges that he starved and punched michelle knight to make her have five miscarriages. the 32-year-old woman has been released from the hospital but police won't tell them where she went, a family spokesman says. authorities know where michelle knight is. her family
girls, by michelle knight. amanda berry had the baby in the house. and it was delivered by michelle knight. we're also told by that source, when amanda went into labor. he grabbed michelle, ariel castro grabbed michelle and told michelle to deliver the baby. that baby we are told was born into a plastic tub of some sort. again, born into some plastic tub, and we're also told that when this baby was born, it apparently stopped breathing and everyone started to scream, started to panic, and ariel castro said, if that baby dies, i'm going to kill you. a complete scene of panic is what is being painted here, with one of the captive girls being told she had to deliver the baby of amanda. now, i want to read you a quote that is coming from this source, and this is what the police source says. what's most incredible here, is that this girl who knew nothing about childbirth, talking about michelle was able to deliver a baby that is now a healthy 6-year-old. so erin, think about the picture this paints inside the home where these three women are held captive. amanda berry is pregnant and the
up. >> good morning. it's wednesday, may 8. i'm michelle griego. frank has the morning off. time now is 6:00. >>> a big day for the new bay bridge construction. we're expecting to hear what's going to be done to fix dozens of broken bolts and repair public concerns about safety. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the bridge this morning. anne, what do you know? >> reporter: we have been waiting for today for a very long time. a lot of questions up in the air about what is next for the new span of the bay bridge here behind me. they are going to choose between one of two designs that will basically act as a brace to make up for the 32 bolts that snapped on the east pier back in march. we are also expecting a timetable for that fix and an indication of whether or not it will delay the bridge's opening on labor day weekend. we also might get some answers on the safety of some 200 other similar bolts along the span. they have been testing them now for weeks. >> the tests are in but not all completed. the most important test that's not completed is a simulation of long-term stress. >> rep
-old church handyman kenneth alvin michelle. a man who is deaf and also unable to speak. officers say they tracked down michelle after a witness saw him kidnap another girl monday. 5-year-old mui han seifon. she was later found in the trunk of michelle's car with hands and feet bound with duct tape. >> nobody gets near this car. now where's the suspect. where's the suspect. >> there's a girl in the trunk she's alive. >> get an ambulance, code three. >> code three ambulance, get there. >> reporter: leonard says he spotted michelle's car in an earlier attempted kidnapping. >> never saw the little girl in the car. i saw him with the little girl in his arms then i saw the car speed away from the back of the dental office. he saw me i assume, made a u turn. and at the time he made the u turn, right in front of me i took his license number down. >> at the mooreville supermarket, suzy young says she often sold groceries to michelle. >> he would come a little more frequent than he had. he would buy a little more than he usually did. but i never put the two and two together. >> reporter: offic
stories. ariel castro, charged with kidnapping and raping amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. his brothers, onil and pedro, no charges against them. listen to this dramatic recording at the moment the police found these women. >> might be for real. we found them. we found them. >> and in phoenix, sex, lies and murder. jodi arias found guilty. police say she is on suicide watch, and just a little while ago, she gave a dramatic new interview in which she said she would rather get the death penalty than life in prison. listen to what she told the affiliate in phoenix. >> i said years ago i would rather get death than life and that still is true today. >> i'll talk to a friend of jodi arias and friend of a man she killed. >>> and a joyous family reunion. >> there she is. >> we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. until this moment for me, i still feel as it is a dream. i still pinch myself. >> police say the victims left the house of horrors only twice in a decade. and watched their parents on tv at vigils for themselves. they say when amanda berry escaped on monday
for michelle knight? and what the dna proves about the child born in that house. >>> a miracle. a cry is heard, "save me," and after 17 days, a woman is carried out of the rubble. we'll show you tonight high tech searches for life. the microphones that can detect a heartbeat. >>> pitcher down. in the pros and in little league. >> right off the brim of the cap. >> the call tonight to bring a big change to the baseball diamond. >>> and, our "persons of the week." identical twins with a message for all graduates and the moms who helped make it happen. ♪ >>> good evening on this friday night, heading into a special family weekend. and finally, all three women who escaped captivity in cleveland are out of the hospital. their first weekend of freedom in ten years. and there are new questions tonight about the search for the kidnapper over all these years. take a look. this is the police sketch of a possible kidnapper made years and years ago. compare it to the man behind bars tonight. how is it no one made the connection until these women were breaking free? abc's david muir is back here in new yo
in ohio a candlelight vigil for gina dejesus and michelle knight. there could be more charges to come against their alleged captor, ariel castro. it says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks and then punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we'll have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. >>> i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife who says that castro is to blame for her sister's death. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out in her first interview. nancy reid spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said, mom, i don't want to stay in the room. i said, you don't have to anymore. so that's part of the process, of her healing, and knowing that she can now do what she wants. >> she said she doesn't want to stay in the room. >> nope. >> well, much has been made about the connections. between the castro family and gina dejesus' family, it's really fascinating, the connections. they knew each other and someti
disappeared when she was 14 in 2004 and this other woman, michelle knight, all found in the same location, at least in the case of amanda and georgina, a few blocks from where they were originally taken or where they were last seen, and theoretically, as far as we can tell, have been there for the last nine to ten years. >> reporter: yes. that is exactly what is happening. it's truly amazing, especially for those of us who have covered this case for a long time. >> you were aware of this case, you knew the case of these young women. have you seen the vigils over the years? >> reporter: yes. i grew up with this case, actually. and now working in cleveland television at news channel 5, covering the vigils and writing year after year about their disappearance. >> and again, we see a crowd of people there who have obviously gathered. this has just got to be stunning for this community. let's listen. you can actually hear. let's listen in. >> we got a line of one, two, three, four, five, six vehicles coming in, both sheriff's department and cleveland police, it looks like. being greeted by app
. it is tuesday, may 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >>> we have some breaking news down in san jose. a car crash leads to three arrests. >> the suspects may be linked to multiple armed robberies. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san jose this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we just learned the name of all three suspects involved in the high-speed chase that ended with a car up a tree. you can see just how badly it was bent. we do know for sure that one of those suspects was involved in an armed robbery and could be linked to two others that happened almost a month ago. san jose police say 22-year-old sharon gonzalez of san jose will be charged with armed robbery. evading police and possession of a stolen vehicle, as well. police say at 2 a.m., gonzalez walked into a 7-eleven at kirk and foxworthy armed with a long-barreled revolver. she stole cash and lottery tickets before getting away. and one officer remembered her suspect description from two others robberies that happened last month, including the distinct weapon she us
. i'm michelle griego. frank has the morning off. time now is 5:00. >>> marin county commuters to san francisco could be in for a bumpy slow ride this morning. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is at the golden gate bridge with an update on this very messy pavement problem. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and i have good news on both fronts. it should be a smoother ride hopefully no hazards flying at your windshield, and the traffic should be basically back to normal. definitely different than what we saw during yesterday's morning commute. the problem over the last 24 hours was some paving work that was done overnight monday. the asphalted unraveled because of the way it was set. it was papered so it would be a smoother drive. but that plan backfired. the asphalt began to break up and sent pieces of rock everywhere during yesterday's morning commute. >> the golden gate bridge we had to nice smooth paper but the paper didn't hold up. >> reporter: so then yesterday afternoon bridge officials partially shut down the freeway for a sweeper to clean up the mess. and then a 1,000-foot s
afternoon, i'm michelle griego. frank is off. late from the c-h-p... that >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank is off. >>> late word from the chp that the limo involved in saturday night's deadly fire was carrying one too many passengers. it's the first piece of information about the information and it comes as family and friends react to the tragedy. >> we have an inside joke. when it's time we are so busy, we will say, is it time for tea? so friday for some reason, that was the only night we didn't say, is it time for tea? and now she's gone. >> five women including the new bride were killed when their limo burst into flames on the san mateo bridge. the question now, how did this happen? kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran just stepped out of a news conference and joins us now from foster city. >> reporter: michelle, chp wrapped up that press conference just a little over an hour ago. we did learn new details about the limo that was supposed to take them to this side of the bridge to a celebration that the w
in the air: will it open on time for the labor day weekend? good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is off. >>> caltrans laid out a plan this morning to fix those faulty bolts and welds on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is on treasure island with more on the plan, the costs and, of course, that question, anne: will the bridge open on time? >> reporter: well, that is what a lot of people are wondering about. will this bring open on labor day weekend? no commitments right now from people who are in charge of the bridge. but it's looking pretty decent. here's what the mtc has to say about it. >> caltrans is working with a contractor to make sure that this retrofit can be completed by labor day. we do not have an estimated time yet. this is in the negotiation process. >> reporter: engineers have recommended this design for the bay bridge fix, a saddle on the east pier where 32 giant bolts, or rods, snapped after being title ended into place. it will cost $15 million. the broken bolts weakened by hydrogen will be left in the structur
by cnn. it describes a decade of suffering endured by amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight, including the women's accounts of the day they were abducted, what officers encountered when they first arrived at ariel castro's home on monday and how one of the female captives was allegedly starved and beaten during multiple pregnancies in order to induce miscarriages. pamela brown is tracking all of these horrific developments for us. what can you tell us, pamela? >> well, zoraida, that's right. we are learning a new emerging horrific new details from this initial incident report obtained by cnn. in this report we're learning about the circumstances surrounding the alleged abductions. it said that amanda berry was walking home from her shift at burger king, told her that his son worked at burger king and offered her a ride. in this report he says he also lured both michelle knight and jin that dejesus into his car. from there he allegedly chained them up in the basement and eventually let them free from the clan chains and let them l upstairs on the second floor. michelle knigh
has learned amanda, gina and michele knight told authorities they were abducted the same way. the accused allegedly offered each a ride home but instead they ended up here at his house. michele in 2002, amanda in '03, gina a year later. once inside this two-story house, the unthinkable. year after year. a senior officer in the cleveland police department tells abc news, each girl would be chained in the basement and raped. quote, once their spirit was broken, the chains were no longer necessary. they were moved upstairs. according to sources in the investigation who spoke to abc's cleveland affiliate wews, amanda's daughter was born inside the house. she was forced to deliver the child in a small inflatable pool so, quote, the mess was easy to clean up. one of the other captain is, michele, delivered the child and was allegedly told by castro, if this baby dies, so will you. michele was said to have told authorities, she was impregnated five times. each time she says, castro allegedly aborted the child by punching her in the stomach repeatedly. police told us for a time two o
the alleged crimes against the chimed, amanda, gina dejesus, and michelle knight, premeditated and depraved. >> they were bound and restrained and sexually assault ed, basically never free to leave the residence. >> further, the affiliate in cleveland is reporting that michelle became pregnant five times by castro and each time he beat and starved her until she miscarried. also, he made michelle deliver amanda's baby and threatened to kill her if the back died. the baby did stop breathing but michelle saved the infant by breathing in her mother. a cousin of a women says he would give the women came on the anniversary of their abduction to celebrate. the women can celebrate for real now, they free and with their family. >> i am glad she is okay after what she have been through she sounded good. >> castro's family is speaking out. hit daughter was actually friends with gina. >> i am so sorry for everyone. >> the friend helped castro lure gina dejesus into the care and he was a stranger in the other cases who offered the girls a ride. >> the other two brothers have been released from custody a
liberacion ,dos de las víctimas pasaron la primera noche en sus casas, michelle knight continua hospitalizada y mientras tanto se da escalofriantes detalles de lo sufrido por ellas >>el patio trasero de la familia de gina esta protegido, la madre dijo que no había habido tiempo de dormir, que gina habria disfrutado de la comida puertorriqueña. >>contentas, ella comió bien? >>se dio a conocer la llamada donde gina y michelle se identifican como las dos personas secuestradas el lunes pasado. (llantos) tambien comienzan a salir a la luz detalles de los hechos vividos. ariel castro las mantuvo atadas, y cada vez que se cumplia un año de secuestro de las jóvenes, les daba un pastel. >>el se acercaba, daba abrazos, compartía con nosotros, nuesrtros momentos de dolor, sin imaginar que estaba en todo esto >>michelle tuvo cinco embarazados e igual número de abortos, presenta problema de audicion, y problemas en su cara >>ella habria asistido al alumbramiento de amanda berry quien diio a luz en una piscina >>el caso ha levantado las esperanzas de otras familias que tienen seres queridos desapare
nearly a decade someone, somewhere isn't wondering where amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight are. and the first friday that ariel castro is in jail for kidnapping. tests prove that he is the father of the little girl. the main questions remained, how these three young women were picked up without anyone noticing. >> cleveland police detectives and now 15 fbi agents aggressively working this case. >> reporter: their disappearance captivated this community, flyers, rallies, vigils. this reporter covered the kid p kidnappings from day one and was right there when the young women finally made it home. [ applause ] >> there's one thing on the tree that just gets me. the yellow ribbon with her missing photo. her mom said that was the hardest thing to look at it every time. >> how did it captivate the entire city here? >> well, i think, again, to see two teenage girls go missing from the same general area right away just gave you chills. >> reporter: it was right here, 106th and lorraine on cleveland's west side back in 2002 when michelle knight was standing at this intersection an
. ron allen has more on that and what new challenges may lie ahead for one of the victims. >> michelle and the missing. >> they marched for michelle knight because they see her as the forgotten one. amanda berry with her daughter, and thencvh gina dejesus, retu home to joyous reunions with family and friends. but knight left a hospital with no fanfare, for a secret location. >> we just want to let michelle know that, you know, she may have been forgotten, but now as a community, we'll never forget her. >> knight, now 32, was the first of the three women to be abducted. a single mother who authorities say they could not confirm was actually missing at the time. her disappearance never a huge news story like berry or de jesus. then and now, for reasons that are unclear, relatives say knight is estranged from her family. meanwhile, the community struggles forward. workers busy sealing the house prosecutors called a torture chamber, and directing a high fence around it. local officials say there are credible threats of arson. >> we will do what we need to to protect that property, particu
. >>> good morning, it's tuesday, may 7. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. they are free this morning for the first time in a decade. >> three ohio women were reported missing between 2002 and 2004 and were found last night in a cleveland home. police say that they were likely tied up during years of captivity. three brothers including the homeowners are now in custody. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has more on how the ordeal came to an end. an amazing story, susan. >> reporter: it is. there are some happy families in cleveland this morning. it's nothing short of a miracle right now even though the questions just keep on mounting. for right now, miraculous and joyful is the only way to describe this from the rescue to the reuniting with the families to the solving of three separate kidnappings in one fell swoop. fbi investigators worked through the night searching this cleveland home where three women were allegedly held hostage for about a decade. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> reporter: 26-year-old amanda berry missing since 2003 escaped from the house ea
pregnancies between them and the chances of discovery that went by without rescue. and michele knight's mother saying this the moment she found out her daughter was alive. >> did you talk to police then? >> yes i did. >> what kinds of efforts did they make to locate her? >> they told me if she breaks the law or if they spot her they will let me know but nothing happened. >> reporter: did they think she just left the home? they didn't think it was an abduction. >> because she was 20 they thought she just left because of the upset, because of the baby and everything. >> after a decade of captivity and abuse the first full day of freedom for the three women in cleveland, ohio. katie joins me from washington, d.c. katie was abducted 20 years ago when she was 9. she wrote about her ordeal. and here in our studio is clinical assistant professor of psychiatry. it is great to have all of you here to talk about this. kraig, i want to remind everybody exactly what barbara knight said about police involvement when her daughter went missing. she talked to savannah this morning. >> did you talk to police t
berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. brian todd is out in cleveland tonight. brian, what more can you tell bus this confession? >> reporter: well, erin what we're getting from a law enforcement source closely involved with the investigation, the source telling our pamela brown that ariel castro has, in fact, confessed to some of his actions. the confessions came in what they call detailed statements given to authorities during his interrogations. this source according to pamela brown is reluctant to describe precisely what castro has confessed to but, again, we have to stress he has confessed to some of his actions according to a law enforcement source closely involved with the investigation who has spoken to our pamela brown tonight, erin. again, we're getting pieced together details of some of this information. we were told yesterday ariel castro was cooperating with investigators. now we have a little bit more detail that he's confessed to some of his actions. >> brian, we'll talk to the attorney general in just a moment. he says he thinks this will go to trial. the cuyahoga county
that michelle knight was pregnant at least five times and that ariel castro starved her and punched her in the stomach resulting in the termination of those pregnancies. if you look at ohio law, it's very possible that this prosecutor could pursue aggravated death charges. i do believe if they can prove it, if they think they can prove it, they're on pretty some id legal ground in ohio. >> as we were talking about it, apparently, all sources, they have not found any human remains inside the house or outside the house, thus far, without medical proof that one of the women was pregnant and miscarried. could they still charge that? >> i preferred that eyewitness testimony. if you preferred someone like michelle knight on the witness stand talking about the horrors that they experienced and if the jury believes that michelle knight, in fact, went through this type of terror and having five pregnancies terminated, i don't know that a juror would let him off just because there's an absence of medical testimony. so, yeah, it's preferable to have the medical testimony. >> appreciate your expert
vigil celebrating the safe return of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. there you see it, balloons were released into the air in a show of support for the women and the challenges they now face after surviving their ordeal. there could be more charges, we want to tell you about, to come for their alleged captor, ariel castro. the prosecutor says he will seek murder charges relating to a police report that says when at least one of the women got pregnant, castro allegedly starved her for at least two weeks, then punched her repeatedly in the stomach until she miscarried. this allegedly happened multiple times. we will have more on castro's arraignment in a moment. i also spoke with his former in-laws, including the sister of his ex-wife. his ex-wife is deceased. her sister says castro is to blame for her sister's death after repeated beatings. meanwhile, the mother of one of the victims, gina dejesus, is speaking out. in her first interview, nancy ruiz spoke about gina's first night home. >> she said mom, i don't want to stay in a room. so i says you don't have to anymore.
've been trying to do. >>> let's get right to our panel. we're joined now by michelle cottle, washington correspondent for "newsweek" and "the daily beast" and maria teresa kumar, msnbc contributor and president of voto latino. the president was exasperated with republicans' fixsation with benghazi and "politico reports" john boehner is obsessed with that attack on a u.s. diplomatic post. i thought republicans were obsessed with job creation. >> well, the whole economic thing hasn't been going all that well for them. in fact, there are a lot of issues that republicans have been having a hard time with. immigration, foremost among them. this is one they really have latched on to. in both houses, i mean, you see senator lindsey graham along with john mccain beating this horse. and it seems to be one of the things that plays really well with the right wing of the party, in particular, which lindsey graham, who's up for re-election, has to worry about in his home state. it's just a lot more convenient to obsess about this and float conspiracy theories than it is to actually kind of try and g
in cleveland. georgiana disappeared in 2004, michelle knight in 2002 all have been found alive, in the same house. a man by the name of ariel castro, 52 years old, a bus driver, has been arrested. he is the suspect in this. amanda berry was seen by a neighbor trying to break out of the house. that neighbor, a man by the name of ramsey, charles ramsey helped her break out. she ran out of the house with a small child and dialed 9-1-1. this is the 9-1-1 call she made from amanda berry. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay, what's going on there. >> i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years and i'm here, i'm flee p free now. >> okay. about what's your address? >> i can't hear you. >> okay, stay there with those neighbors, talk to the police when they get there. >> okay. okay. okay. okay talk to the police when they get there. >> okay. hello? >> yeah, talk to the police when thigh get there. >> okay. are they here right now. >> we're going to send them as soon as we get a car open. >> all right, we're sending them, okay?
brothers arrested of cueing amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight captive for more than a decade are going to be question by local and federal law enforcement with possible charges also coming their way. this as authorities are searching the home where the women were held. tuesday police used a cadaver dog to help them in their search. police are investigating other properties in the area. this after michelle knight reportedly told them when she was first kidnapped there was another girl with her but she disappeared years later. >>steve: in particular, what the authorities are looking at is regarding the tip from michelle knight because michelle knight was the first person we know of who had been abducted there. there was a girl there, and the theory is -- that's michelle knight, we finally got a picture of her. there is a theory that in 2007 when 14-year-old ashley summers disappeared, she was initially thought of as simply a runaway, it is thought perhaps she is the person. a few years after that the f.b.i. started linking her with the other two girls who were missing. perhaps
, michelle, and the young child. and the victims of the rape are gina, amanda, and michelle. >> ten years inside the house. what an amazing story. joining me now live from the scene is msnbc's craig melvin. craig? >> craig, tell us what you can tell -- what have we learned today? it's been an eventful day. what have we learned down there today? >> reporter: we've been sifting through this police report. it's about a dozen pages, reverend al. i'm going to read a snippet from this for our viewers at home. this details what was going on inside the two-story house of horrors behind me for the past decade. this is based on the three initial conversations with the women being held captive as told to police earlier today. they told us how the arrested male ariel castro was able to get them into his vehicle initially. victim one, michelle, said that she was in the area of west 106th street when ariel offered her a ride home and took her to his house. amanda berry walking home from the burger king where she worked on west 110th street and lorraine. that's when ariel offered her a ride home. this i
. he was veil well-received by first lady michelle obama where he went for tea, and during his tour of the capitol yesterday, a whole crowd of women apparently liked the halls, snapping away with their cell phones and iphones and the like. even crusty old senator mccain seemed quite impressed. listen. >> frankly, find him very aattractive young man. >> to be a very attractive young man. in fairness, senator mccain said he found him to be very serious, and a trip for you, greg, he's going to -- you're going to talk to chris wallace. he hocked to him yesterday. >> greg: cavorting naked in vegas. that seems normal to me. >> i don't want to get into your private life. >> greg: all right, jonathan, thanks. crew membered a board the international space station may need to make an emergency space walk to repair a coolant leak. if you look closely you can see what agency officials say are faint specks of ammonia drifting away from the station. officials say the problem is not life-threatening, at the very worst will force engineers to bypass the leaky coil. this is apparently an ongoing iss
by nine-foot cell. as for one of his alleged victims, michelle knight she was released from the hospital. while amanda berry and gina dejesus are with their family members, michelle's family doesn't know where she is. susan, what's the latest on michelle knight's whereabouts? >> reporter: hi, don. we don't know where she is. it appears as though that's the way michelle knight might want it. her family said they were unable to find out where she is including her mother and other relatives. a source close to the investigation tells us that michelle knight is in a safe and secure place and that she's very, very comfortable there. that's how it will stay for now. >> cleveland police took michelle knight off the fbi's missing persons list a little more than a year after she disappeared. why? >> reporter: let's recap that. she went missing in 2002. and then after about 15 months, some time in 2003, she was removed from the fbi database because, according to the cleveland police department, there is a certain protocol that someone who is missing, an adult, that it must be verified with a family
not know that. all three women now released are doing fine. even michelle knight who was held captive the longest. she says she will reach out to loved ones in good time. look at this video, it was shot last monday by somebody in that cleveland neighborhood. these are cleveland police officers converging on the castro home, forcing the door open, and setting them free. a woman passing by stopped and shot this with her cell phone. martin savage, you talked face to fake with ariel castro's two brothers, they're not accused of anything, but they're concerned and in hiding. why is that? >> yes, they were arrested welcome of course, at the same time as their brother. they have been cleared, and the investigation shows they had nothing to do with the abduction of the women. but their pictures were out there and their names, and all three of them have been cast as a monster. they're not a monster, and they say the only one who is is their brother ariel. they want to clear their names and tell the families of those three women they did not know anything. listen to the conversation. >> do you
. amanda berry gina dejesus and michel michel michelle knight. >> three brothers arrested charges will be filed including this man age 52 ariel castro. >> she is saying the male is ariel castro, 52-year-old hispanic male who lives at 2257 see more and he has been holding her 10 years. >> i have been here a year. i barbecued with the dude. we eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa music. >> he had no indication anything was going on? >> not a clue. that girl was in the house or anybody else against their will. >> you got a boss coming? this might be for real. >> i will tell you this because i was there to see her all three girls. god works in mysterious ways. >> gina dejesus might be also. >> go ahead. >> we found them. >> thankfully due to amanda's brave actions these three women are alive today. >> i found criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. as it relates to pedro and onil castro no charges will be filed at this time. there is no evidence these two individuals had any involvement. >> this child kidnaper operated a t
. michelle, new york's attorney general has sent out an announcement money. >> they've already got a lot of programs on the phone. for example, if you lose your iphone, you can swipe it, erase it, et cetera, et cetera. he says they have the right to do this because they've advertised they have more security features than perhaps they do and that would be a violation of some trade laws that he says he has the right to enforce. it going to be tough. to follow the same logic, you'd have to investigate maybe purse makers to say are you doing enough to stop people from ripping off purses. >> we have breaking news. a philadelphia jury has told the judge it is deadlocked in the case of dr. gossnell who is accused of killing a woman and four babies allegedly born alive. the counts that divided the jury not announced today but in addition to five murder charges, he also faces more than 200 charges of violating abortion law. it's not clear whether the judge will ask jurors to try again to reach a verdict or whether he will instantly -- instruct a jury to do so. so we're going to take a quick break
berry's baby born in a plastic pool, delivered by michele knight. when the baby was born, she stopped breathing and castro told knight that if the baby died, he'd kill her. amanda berry told police that the baby's father is the company, ariel castro. michele knight was pregnant at least five times by the suspect. each time, forced to abort the baby by starvation and by castro repeatedly punching her in the stomach. none of the women were ever treated by a doctor while in captivity. when police entered the home on monday, no one found in the basement. but as an officer neared the top of the stairs and yelled cleveland police, michele knight through herself into her arms and then michele knight ran out, threw herself into his arms. >> we found them. we found them. >> reporter: amanda berry had hit her breaking point, desperate to get out of the house on seymour avenue. why was she able to escape now, after more than ten years in captivity? >> something must have clicked, and she saw an opportunity and she took that opportunity. and i said it the other day and i'll say it today, that she
investigation into the incident, the captivity, and the kidnapping of amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. first of all, certainly on behalf of all of us who live and work and all of us who care about life, we can't say how grateful we are that they've been returned to us and that they are on their road to regaining their own personal lives. i would encourage everyone, including the media here, of course, to give them a little space and time to heal and begin the process to recover from what all of us recognize as a very traumatic incident. over the past two days, our goal has been to gather as much evidence and understand the facts as much as we can. certainly at this point in the investigation, we don't have answers to all the questions that we have. the cleveland office and the federal bureau of investigation and our partners from washington have completed the search of the seymour avenue crime scene and collected those evidencery items they were are necessary to proceed through the criminal proceedings. we will not, today, however, discuss the results of the search or the evide
. we'll show you where coming up. >>> good morning, it's thursday, may 9. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00. we are a half hour away from the first court appearance for the cleveland kidnapping suspects. he tried to hide his face as police escorted him past cameras. >> what do you have to say to those women! how could you do that! what kind of monster does this! >> 52-year-old ariel castro has now been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. cbs reporter vinita nair joins us now from cleveland with the joyous reunions of the victims and their families. vinita. >> reporter: good morning to you, michelle. that's right. in about 30 minutes, the primary suspect in this case, 52-year-old ariel castro, will appear in this court. he has been in jail since he was arrested on monday. we have been hearing words from authority like monster and bully. his own aunt called him a sociopath and now he will have to see the public for the first time. >>> reporter: it's a moment 10 years in the making. gina dejesus and amanda berry are finall
was born in a plastic pool delivered by michelle knight. the report also says that when the baby was born, she stopped breathing. and castro told knight that if the baby died, he'd kill her. amanda berry told police the baby's father is the suspect, ariel castro. michelle knight says she was pregnant at least five times by the suspect, each time forced to abort the baby by starvation and by castro repeatedly punching her in the stomach. the women told police that none of them were ever treated by a doctor while in captivity. when police entered the home monday, no one was found in the basement. but as an officer near the top of the stairs and yelled cleveland police, the report says michelle knight threw herself into his arms. then dejesus rushed out of a bedroom and also threw herself into the cops arms. >> we found them. we found them. >> a law enforcement source tells cnn that amanda berry had hit her breaking point, that she was desperate to get out of the house on seymour avenue. but why was she able to escape now after more than ten years in captivity? >> something must have clicked
as teens. a third, michelle knight, vanished at the age of 20. and now, all three have been found alive after life inside this home. a flag on the porch. a crime scene inside. and on the right, there is the front door. that dark space where a stranger heard a cry for help and refused to turn away. tonight, we have new details about the women, the three brothers under arrest, and the heroes of this rescue, as breaking free, the escape in cleveland begins. and abc's david muir is there. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening. we are learning exclusive, new details about the dynamic inside that home among the women. we know two of them have left the hospital tonight, including amanda berry and her little girl. you can see the balloons here on the house waiting to welcome them home. and about that little girl, she's missing two front teeth. one on the top. one on the bottom. we've also learned that her mother was quietly homeschooling her inside that house. tonight, the balloons and flowers growing. a homecoming waiting for amanda berry. seen here in the middle with a smile while in the ho
su hija. >>> de daremos la bienvenida ha esta pequeÑa niÑa a la familia. >>> de michelle poco se conoce solo que esta en buen estado de salud que fue la primera en desaparecer, tendrÍa hoy 32 aÑos de edad, las autoridades se mostraron contentas por la condiciÓn de las jovenes. >>> las familias de estas 3 jÓvenes nunca perdieron la esperanza y nosotros tampoco, no hay palabras para describir lo que sentimos. >>> la familia ha dicho que es una situaciÓn extraordinaria y que en grandes ligas su momento hablaran de todos los aÑos de al variÓ por la ausencia de esta chica, es toda la informaciÓn ahora regresamos con ustedes. >>> el cautiverio que llama la atenciÓn de todo el paÍs, estuvo esclavas a las 3 jÓvenes aquÍ ayer una de ellas dio su primera seÑal de vida desde aquÍ la casa del frente de la calle (...) a la tercera vÍctima la vieron por Última vez hablando por este telÉfono pÚblico a 3 millas de distancia, lur nuestra compaÑera tiene mÁs detalles. >>> la calle en este barrio trabajadores de cleveland era un her ver de actividad * nadie podrÍa creer la buen
tocÓ llegar a la cancha de juego con las manos vacÍas. >>> michel telÓ sigue cosechando muchos Éxitos con su tema ahÍ si te tengo, hablÓ con tony en el brasil, a ahÍ lo vemos ♪ ♪ ♪ a dos aÑos que esta canciÓn le diera la vuelta al mundo y se convirtiera en la favorita de grandes y chicos michel telÓ estÁ listo para su prÓxima aventura musical ♪ que nuevo nos traes? >>> estoy trabajando ahora lanzando en brasil, mi nuevo Álbum mi dvd michelle s grabado en las mejores baladas en los mejores fiestas en las playa de brasil, grandes fiestas. >>> invÍtame michelle a una gran vagos de estas. >>> estas invitado. >>> sobre todo en brasil. >>> su nueva producciÓn con canciones inÉditas estarÁ lista en las prÓximas semanas y pronto nos darÁ una sorpresa en nuestro idioma. >>> estoy con planes para lanzar y grabar para este aÑo un disco con mi mÚsica y estilo grabada en espaÑol para que la gente comprenda para que todos canten con nosotros ♪ ya grabÓ un tema con carlos vives y no descarta hacer otro dueto en espaÑol. >>> me gusta mucho de amÉrica latina de la gente
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